Statement on Local School Funding

October 14th, 2014 by campaign

This past spring, while attempting to address education inequality in the state, the Illinois Senate passed Senate Bill 16.  As we all know, there are large disparities in quality depending on where in the state you are.  This legislation amends the formula currently used to fund schools, so the majority of state spending on education is based on need.  It’s important to note, this legislation only impacts state funds and not local property taxes.

Laura is committed to working towards higher quality education for every child in the state and while she commends the goals of the bill, she does not support the legislation in it’s current form.  Laura has met with staff, parents and concerned constituents about this issue for months and she is very aware of the local impact Senate Bill 16 will have on our schools.  Because this bill requires extra study, the Illinois House has not yet voted on it.  In fact, Laura was invited to serve on a working group to review the legislation and propose changes to improve it.  The working group has met multiple times over the summer, and will continue to do so through the fall in order to study every part of the bill.

Laura’s opponent and her supporters have spent thousands of dollars attempting to gain ground in the district with misinformation and scare tactics, without even checking to see if their claims were even true.

Don’t stand for being fed half-baked falsehoods about Laura.  Laura cares deeply for this district and is 100% committed to making sure the quality of life in the 17th only goes up.

Let’s #keepmovingforward and stay #Myallsaway from these kind of baseless distractions.

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