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Co-chair, Business Growth and Incentives Committee


Local Business Roundtable

It is important to keep open lines of communication between state government and the members of our communities.  I want to be responsive to my constituent’s concerns and problems, as well as to their ideas of how to improve the business environmentThat is why I initiated a local business roundtable made up of all types of businesses in our communities. Together we work at finding innovative ways to strengthen and grow our local economy. An important component of this partnership is to keep businesses informed of current issues and legislation that will impact them. As Co-chair of the Business Growth and Incentives Committee in Springfield, I am able to provide this valuable first-hand knowledge that benefits our communities.


Supporter, LLC Rate ReductionMJM2012 Fine0640

Right now, Illinois has one of the highest LLC registration fees in the country at $500.  By reducing fees to a reasonable rate of around $39, more entrepreneurs can go in business with the confidence they need to succeed.  Small businesses are the lifeblood of the American economy, and the 17th district is no exception.  Legislation such as this will make it easier to get and stay in business.