Education & Protecting Our Children


Member, Higher Education Appropriations Committee


Protecting School Quality and Promoting Excellence

Laura wants to see all children in Illinois have access to the kind of high quality education we enjoy in the 17th district.  Any solution, however, shouldn’t negatively impact the schools here.  As a product of Glenview Public Schools and having two children attending Glenbrook South High School, Laura knows just how much hard work went into developing and sustaining the level of education.  In short, Laura will not vote for legislation which will impact the quality of education being delivered.

Read the campaign’s recent statement on SB16.


Pay It Forward!

MJM2012 Fine0602I know a goal shared by families in my district and throughout Illinois is to send their children to college. This has become an even more difficult proposition due to the economic downturn and the rising cost of higher education. As a member of the Higher Education Appropriations Committee, I am dedicated to researching and initiating innovative approaches to help families cover the cost of college. We recently passed a bill in the House to study a program called Pay It Forward, a new approach to finance higher education.  This program would allow students to attend college without payments up front.  Instead, students would sign a contract and agree to pay a portion of their income for a designated amount of time after graduating and entering the workforce.  I think this program has great potential, and I look forward to making sure it is a viable solution for Illinois’ families.


Sponsor, Anti-Bullying Law (HB 4207)

Cyber bullying has become a serious threat to the well-being of our children and their  performance at school. Through the use of computers and mobile devices, students have found a new way to bully with sometimes devastating consequences.  An important step to rectify this problem is to revise Illinois’ Bullying Law. I sponsored legislation to revise the law and expand a school’s ability to respond to reports of cyber bullying. The current law restricts a school’s response to only those bullying incidents occurring on school grounds. The revised law expands a school’s authority to act on bullying incidents that occur off school grounds, but affect a child’s performance at school.  Although a school is not able to monitor outside activities, this allows a school’s administration to get involved if the situation is brought to their attention.